↪ May 27–August 29, 2022
Jenson Leonard: GLAND PRIX at Squeaky Wheel (Buffalo, NY).

↪ I was on the jury to determine the 2022 Kindling Fund awardees, administered by SPACE.

↪ November 5, 2021
Panel with Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and Tina Rivers Ryan as part of a screening of Coded Bias at the Buffalo AKG Art Museum. 

↪ October 6, 2021–February 14, 2022
SHAWNÉ MICHAELAIN HOLLOWAY: i would’ve said goodbye if i thought you loved me back at Squeaky Wheel (Buffalo, NY).

↪June 18–September 10, 2021
Johann Diedrick: Dark Matters at Squeaky Wheel (Buffalo, NY)

↪ May 20–July 3, 2021
Punctures: Textiles in Digital and Material Time at SPACE (Portland, ME).

↪ April 14, 2021
Featured speaker as part of PLASMA Speaker Series, Department of Media Study at the University at Buffalo.

↪ April 2021
I am one of the contributors to Flash Flaherty: Tales from a Film Seminar (ed. Scott MacDonald and Patricia R. Zimmermann, assisted by Julia Tulke, Indiana University Press)