Küçük Sinemalar


Küçük Sinemalar was a blog and showcase of experimental moving image from Turkey. The blog was described as:

“A small corner of the internet for those who believe that something “else” is possible from what we see in cinemas; for those who don’t distinguish between production and critique; for those who love films and videos that fit into descriptors such as ‘experimental’, ‘avant-garde’, abstract’, among others.”

Küçük Sinemalar

The blog featured contributions by myself, Can Eskinazi, Eytan İpeker, Mustafa Uzuner, and Yoel Meranda, including upcoming events by ourselves or others; writing about our work; how-to’s; among other kinds of content.

We showcased our films in screenings in Istanbul, including both our contemporaries and underseen works from the archives. Through partially through the support of the Moon & Stars Project, I presented three screenings in the United States – at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center (Buffalo, NY 2011), Experiments in Cinema Festival (Albuquerque, NM 2013), and AMOA-Arthouse (now The Contemporary Austin, TX, 2013).

In 2015, the Fol Cinema Society and Burak Çevik curated an exhibition and series of screenings about the group and framework, and a new essay by Efe Murad (in Turkish).

The images below are from a 2011 screening titled SPONECK (Sinema projelerimiz olmasa ne ederdik canım kardeşlerim!!) that took place at Galata Perform (İstanbul).